Are you searching for a local, secure, but cheap, self storage solution?

Are you looking for temporary storage space rental in the USA?

Are you horrified by the costs involved in renting storage space?

We certainly were…. Recently we looked into renting some storage space while doing some home renovations, and were shocked & amazed at the prices. 

Did you know, that the “going rate” for just 3 cubic metres of storage space (that’s about the size of a small walk in wardrobe… or 8 wheelie bins) is more than $80 per month.

… and renting out the space of a very small garage (that would barely squeeze in a mini) is likely to cost more than $240 a month at traditional “self storage” prices.

After we picked ourselves up… we began to wonder :

  • why self storage was just so expensive;
  • what other options there might be; and
  • whether there were any other safe, but inexpensive alternatives….

If you would like to learn more about this new service, simply leave us your email address and we will notify you once the service has been launched.

We will not pass your email address to anyone, or send you ANY Spam.

What exactly are YOU looking for ?

To ensure that we offer you with the best self storage service that we possibly can, we'd love to get your feedback, via a very simple survey...

And as a reward for a few minutes of your time, we will offer you a special bonus when you come back & try out spaceOut.

As a result, we have developed a new local community based, rental storage space alternative that is convenient, secure, and inexpensive. It will also suitable for virtually all household items, as well as larger items like cars, caravans and even boats.

We will launch our new storage service soon, and expect to be able to have it available to you early in 2009. 


spaceout The real alternative
to traditional Public and Self Storage.